Beat those sugar cravings

Your guide to help you tackle that sugar monster


Sugar is something many of us consume regularly but for some it's actually a problem.  Sugar overload can cause a whole multitude of issues impacting our physical and mental health.

Sugar overload can influence brain chemicals, it can lead you to eating more than you actually wanted and may lead to skipping meals.

These steps are a guide only for you to help yourself with cravings to reduce sugary snacks.

(Please ensure you seek any appropriate medical advice if you have any conditions or taking medications that sugar reduction could impact and this is not recommending a 'cold turkey' approach). 

Your Guide

Create a goal.

How would reducing those sugary snacks help you?

How might your mental and/or physical health benefit?

Create your own goal.

Maybe that's eating one snack a day and feeling satisfied with that.

Maybe that's wanting to lose weight for a special event and reducing sugary snacks will help with that.

Maybe it's to have more balanced mood and less anxiety.

Maybe it's to set an example to others, maybe younger members in your household.

Decide on your goal - and why that's important to you.

And crucially, write it all down. Writing it down is a way of making it more real and more achievable.

Eat regularly and don't skip meals. 

In my experience of working with food habits many people skip meals thinking it doesn't matter - It does.
I work with the theory of 3 meals a day and when you eat 3 meals a day and get into that habit those afternoon and evening cravings often reduce.

If you're feeling tired or lethargic, you may reach for that sugary snack to re-energise but if you've had a decent meal which includes protein you're less likely to need re-energising.

Get enough sleep.

Exhaustion and tiredness can lead to reaching for sugar so where possible, get a good sleep.

Ensure you've a good bedtime routine and if you struggle with sleeping use recordings or meditations to help.

Reduce caffeine and alcohol in the evenings to help too.

It's how you look at it.

Are those sugary snacks really your friend? Sure they may taste good for that few seconds but what else do they really reward you with?

If I put a person in front of you and said you'll have a fantastic, amazing chat with them for 2 minutes  - and then for hours afterwards they'll attack your brain chemicals and create physical issues, they'll also make you feel tired and the more chats you have with them the worse you'll feel afterwards. 

Does that sound an appealing person to chat to?

Would you say yes to the chat? 

Remind yourself it is often mind over matter and how you look at it.

Clear it out.

Give your cupboards and fridge some healthier options to reach for. 
If it's in the cupboard or fridge it may feel more tempting so help yourself by having less of it there.

People often tell me they need it in the house for other family members... maybe other family members could benefit too if they had other, healthier but tasty options. Fortunately we're in a world of food choice and many choices are available. Do a little research to see what new foods you may like to introduce in your household.

Drink more water. 

Sometimes when we think we feel hunger, it's actually thirst.

If you're feeling like you want to eat but logically know you're unlikely to be hungry (maybe you only just had a meal) then have a glass of water and take some deep breaths and see how you feel afterwards.


We all know exercise and movement is helpful to us and even if you're at home a lot, there are still ways to move. There's so may options to do online exercise classes through popular video channels. These are often free and easily available.

You are what you think.

Your thoughts can be incredibly powerful. If you tell yourself you 'need' something sugary then it will only make it more likely to happen.

Our inner chatterbox or inner dialogue and what we do with it shapes our behaviours and reality - how we talk to ourselves.

With practice you can choose to act on more helpful thoughts like... 

'I choose my health and goals over this snack'. 
This is an area I cover in detail in most therapies because it's so powerful!

Remind yourself your future is a clean slate and the past doesn't need to dictate it.

You're creating the future you want by the decisions you're making right now! In the past, maybe those sugary snacks did help you in some way... but you can easily make the decision now.. today to take back control and create the future you want.

Lisa  - helping you to have the life you want.


My Sugar Cravings Plan is a comprehensive Hypnotherapy Plan that includes 3 private hypnosis sessions (face to face or online), a relaxing hypnotherapy recording, a set of guidelines, strategies - and a diary.

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