Wellness Bundle
Reducing Sugary Snacks

A Lockdown Spring Offer

During lockdown you may be finding you’re snacking more on the sweet stuff and have made the decision you want to reduce it. 

Because you know it doesn’t actually make you feel any better.

If you’re eating more sugar than usual, you’ll probably find you’re feeling less balanced mood wise.

You may be feeling more tired and exhausted due to the sugar slump and then reaching for more. 

You know you’re going round and round the vicious sugar monster circle and know it’s now time to stop. 

There is also the physical aspect - your skin, your teeth, your weight and just how you feel in yourself generally.

Starting in May, I’m offering you a 3 week Wellness Sugar Reduction Bundle

This is only available to book until the end of May 2020. **Now extended until the end of June**

The bundle includes:

Week 1:

  • An initial 1.5 hour session with me online. 

  • A relaxing hypnotic recording emailed to you aimed at reducing your sugar intake.

  • A set of emailed helpful guidelines.

  • A diary for you to complete for one week.

Week 2:

  • A 1hr online session aimed at helping you look at sugar in a different way.

  • Continuation of the guidelines and recording.

Week 3:

  • A 30 minute phone call to discuss how the bundle is helping you plus ongoing tips and techniques to help you beyond.

Please see below each element in more detail.

In detail:

A 1.5 hour online session.

This will be via Skype or Zoom and we’ll talk through how sugar is effecting you and your life.

I’ll be giving you my expert tips to reduce sugar and strategies that have helped so many of my clients. This session may include hypnotherapy along with the recording. This is extremely helpful as it works with your subconscious mind, the inner part of your mind where our habit behaviours are stored.

A relaxing hypnotic recording aimed at reducing your sugar intake.

This is a 17 minute recording which includes relaxation to help body and mind. You’ll need somewhere quiet to listen to it and I recommend every day for 28 days.

**Never listen to whilst driving or operating machinery.

A set of helpful guidelines.

I’ll email you a set of easy to follow guidelines which will help you reduce those sugary snacks. I’ll go through the guidelines with you on the initial session.

A diary for you to complete.

This is a diary that will be emailed to you for you to complete for 1 week. 

It’s an opportunity to really look at what’s going on for you when reaching for those snacks.

Week 2 - The second session.

This will be online and we will chat through your first week and continue the work during the session

Week 3 - 30 minute phone call.

Here we’ll chat through how the bundle is helping you and I'll offer you ongoing tips and techniques for the future.

"I don't feel dependent on  it anymore! It really has changed my wellbeing. I'm feeling in control of the chocolate!"

Recent Client Comment who worked with me on cracking their sugar addiction.

My Spring Offer is this complete Wellness Bundle all for £167.

*Please note pre payment is required prior to the first session.

My comprehensive sugar plan is usually £399 so do take advantage of this offer if you know it's time to get your sugary snacking under control.

This price is only available until the end of May 2020. ***Now extended until the end of June 2020***

It's easy to book the Wellness Bundle*.

Click here to make payment via Paypal (please note you don't have to have a paypal account to make payment).

I'll then email you within 24 hours for us to arrange the session times and dates.

Let's do this!

Lisa - helping you to have the life you want.

*This bundle includes hypnosis and may not be suitable for those with certain psychiatric conditions.

Please speak with your GP if you are under the care of any psychiatric consultants or doctors. 


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