Relaxation & Calmness Happy Hamper

These hampers are focussed on relaxation and calmness and make wonderful gifts 🎁 💝
Or treat yourself to the gift of some relaxation.🙌


Included in this Happy Hamper is:
✨Calm colouring book and pencils.
This beautiful book contains a selection of colourings and is a calming therapy known to increase calmness, relaxation and reduce anxiety and worry.
A practice that focuses on relaxing the mind and encourages mindfulness.
6 colouring pencils also included.

✨Aromatherapy Candle
The aromatherapy candle complete with a lid is made from soy wax and when lit creates an ambience of relaxation and calmness with a beautiful aroma.
It will help to invoke relaxation within the home and invite tranquility.

✨Rose Quartz Heart Stone - complete in a drawstring bag.
Rose Quartz has properties that opens the heart to invite more self love and calmness into your life - and help heal negative thoughts and emotions.
You can hold the stone or place it over your heart.

✨Two LOVE organic tea bags
A beautiful combination of chamomile, rose and lavender, these teabags have a beautiful yet mild flavour and feel instantly calming with the first sip.

✨Lavender Sachet
Known to aid sleep and relaxation, lavender works as an anxiolytic (an anxiety reliever) and is a wonderful, calming scent to help with rest and sleep.
Pop the sachet under your pillow to help aid a restful night.

✨Clear Quartz tumblestone complete in drawstring bag.
Clear quartz is known as the stone of power and amplifies any energy or intention. It is said to protect against negativity, connecting you to your higher self.

✨Never stop dreaming pocket notebook.
This pocket notebook is to write down all your dreams and aspirations and a place where you can record your innermost thoughts.
Writing is powerful therapy.
It’s a way of releasing thoughts and aids emotional healing.

✨Two gratitude insight cards.
Handpicked insight message cards for you to keep - a helpful reminder when you need it most which will be insightful and meaningful.

✨20 minute Relaxation Recording
This recording has shown evidence that it reduces anxiety and worry and invokes calmness and relaxation into your body and mind.
The hamper includes information on how to have the recording emailed over from me.

A guide is included in the hamper to explain each piece plus a £5 off voucher for a reflexology treatment with a fabulous local reflexologist, Holly May.


Hampers are £29 each and include free delivery if within a 5 mile radius of Doddinghurst, Brentwood.



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