Hypnosis for Happiness

What is it and how can it help me?

What exactly is Hypnosis for Happiness?
As an overview, Hypnosis for Happiness is a 4 session personalised plan using a combination of lovely, relaxing hypnosis and talking therapy to help you feel better about life and manage anxieties.
The 4 sessions will include an element of mindset homework plus a recording for you to practice mindset strategies in-between sessions.

This plan isn’t just about releasing emotions but also about you progressing towards and reaching your personal and emotional goals. This is an incredibly important element and we work together on creating that for you. This is all about how you WANT to feel and making that happen.

Who is it for?
It’s for anyone who wants to have a more positive mindset and/or want to tackle fears. Clients with anxiety especially tend to find this plan incredibly helpful, many of which reporting a significant improvement in how they feel in day to day life.
Some recent examples of people this plan has helped:
Client with anxiety due to travelling on public transport.
Client with unhelpful thoughts and feelings from a previous, negative relationship.
Anxiety due to a fear of heights.  
Worry and anxiety due to social situations and busy places.
Anxiety due to a fear of driving.
Uncomfortable thoughts and feelings with family issues.

How does it work?
The first step is always a complimentary telephone or online consultation to determine if the plan is suitable and how it can help you. The call is absolutely no obligation to go ahead and takes around 30 minutes.
Should the plan be suitable, we then pre-book all 4 sessions which will be once every 7-10 days.

Who is it not suitable for?
It may not be suitable for those diagnosed with certain psychiatric conditions which can be discussed on the call.

Where are the sessions?
The sessions are face to face in Doddinghurst, Brentwood or you can do the plan online with me from the comfort of your own home should you prefer or if distance is too far.

What you can expect to feel..
This plan is all about learning to relax, manage unhelpful thoughts and feel calmer in day to day life – which brings an element of freedom and overall happiness. Just take a moment now to imagine how life would feel if you felt more positivity, calmer and generally happier…

Some recent client comments:
‘I’m more in control and more relaxed.’
‘I have been sleeping so well! Really deeply which has been lovely.'
‘I’ve had a realisation I’ve got a choice and I choose how to react – and that’s given me hope.'
‘I did it! Felt absolutely fine. Thanks for giving me the tools to do this.’
‘I can relax and switch my mind into positive thoughts.’

How much does it cost?
The initial consultation is completely complimentary.

The Hypnosis for Happiness 4 session plan includes:

-4 private sessions up to 70 minutes each

-a relaxing hypnosis recording for you to listen to daily

-a set of helpful guidelines for you to keep

-my support throughout and beyond

The cost is £499.
Pre-payment is required at least 48hrs prior to the first session to secure the session appointments.

I also offer talking therapy session by session for anxiety (please note this doesn't include hypnosis or recordings) for £70 per session. 

Ok I’m interested to learn more – what now?
Simply contact me here to book your complimentary consultation and I’ll email you back offering you a choice of 2 appointment times.

Simple as that!


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