The Coronavirus Pandemic is impacting us all.
Don't suffer in silence.

Since the government introduced the social distancing guidelines, I’ve decided to help people with their increased levels of anxiety with 30 minute complimentary phonecalls.

I think many of us have seen an increase in anxiety levels since this began and understandably so. 

In a flash of time our normal lives aren’t normal anymore.   

We’re having to adapt whether we like it or not.

These calls may be for you if your adjustment is causing you anxiety and you'd like somebody to talk to in complete confidence about it.

With some helpful mindset tools and just a listening ear you can feel a little calmer about your own world right now and your mindset.

I’m fortunate to have had a very busy practice for the last few years and this is my way of offering something back in someway to you right now. 

Please message me through Facebook or email me here in confidence to book your session. 


** Please note there is immediate help available through helplines if you feel at any crisis point.

Extra info:

*These calls are to chat through your anxiety or stress and how to help and are not intended as deep routed therapy plans. 

*Calls are complimentary whilst government guidelines for social distancing are in place.

*These calls may not suitable if you are already in a therapy programme or if you have any diagnosed psychiatric conditions.

*Calls do not include any hypnosis.

*Calls are offered at certain times and dates and no more than one a week per person.

*My fully packaged Hypnotherapy plans and my other therapy work is priced as usual and can be run online through Zoom.


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