Relaaax... your busy mind
Special Summer Offer

Relaaax... your busy mind…
Reduce anxieties and worries.
Increase calmness and positive mood.

‘That was like a talking massage’
‘I’ve never felt so relaxed’
‘I just feel so much lighter emotionally’

A few comments from recent clients experiencing relaxation with me.

I’ve worked with hundreds of people over the last few years and one thing I’m certain of is when you feel relaxed and calm in your mind, life feels easier.
I inject so much relaxation into my private sessions with clients and feel this is an incredibly important element to my work and the results people feel when they come to see me.
I am not into quick fixes or making sessions speedy. I deliberately take my time with every client in every session and so much of that, whatever their reasons for coming to see me, includes relaxation. Just time for yourself, time to switch off, time to recharge, time to rebalance. 
Time to just relaaax your busy mind.

So as my summer offer this year, I’m focussing on relaxation.

What is it exactly?

This special, one-off summer offer is a 4 week package including:

Week 1 – Reducing worry and how.
We start with a discovery consultation either on the phone or online to discuss how you’re feeling currently. The consultation will be around 45 minutes and in total confidence. I’ll offer you realistic ways to help yourself discover how you can feel calmer in day to day life.
Then you’ll be emailed a therapeutic recording focussed on letting go of worries for a while.
You’ll also be sent a written guide with ways to help yourself with worry and anxiety.
The recording includes deep, wonderful relaxation enabling you to really relax and switch off for a while.

Week 2 – Increasing calmness.
This week you’ll be sent a relaxing recording and a written guide all about how to visualise and imagine yourself feeling calm and relaxed. The more you rehearse this using the power of your imagination, the easier it’ll be. The recording gives you the opportunity to discover and practice this.
The recording includes deep, calming relaxation which will be different to week 1 to offer you a selection of relaxation.

Week 3 – Increase your self- confidence.
This week you’ll be sent a recording and a written guide all about how to boost your self-confidence and how to let go of past, unhelpful messages either you’ve been saying to yourself or perhaps others have said to you.
Maybe you already feel self-confident, in which case this will only enhance and compliment that.
This is particularly helpful to those who are aware they have a negative internal chatterbox and you can expect to feel emotionally lighter and more positive.

Week 4 – Total relaaax.
This week I’ll send you a recording which is ultimate relaxation. You’ll journey in your mind to beautiful places to only enhance your relaxation practice.
This is yours to keep and listen to whenever you feel you need some ultimate relaxation in your busy mind along with all the other recordings and guides.

When is it?
The package is running throughout September 2019 only. Once you’ve signed up I’ll contact you within 24 hours to arrange a time and date for our discovery consultation which will be during September.
The recordings will be sent weekly thereafter.

I encourage daily listening to practice a mindset that is calm.

With this selection of recordings and written guides you can practically introduce this into your life at whatever time it suits you.
Each recording is between 20-25 minutes so you can create this time easily whether you listen first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

How much is it?
Because it’s a special summer offer, the package is just £87!

Max 12 places available. Please don’t delay to sign up if you want to take advantage of this speical summer offer! Book before September.

How do I sign up*?
It’s easy to sign up.

1. Fill in the contact form below (please do put as much detail as possible).
2  Make payment via paypal
3. I’ll then email you confirming receipt and we’ll book in your discovery consultation.

Simple as 1,2,3.

Lisa x
Helping you to have the life you want.

*Please never listen to recordings whilst driving or operating machinery and seek advice from your GP should you have any psychiatric conditions or medical conditions before signing up.





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